Governance downloads

Free governance pro forma or templates for you to download - to support you in your role as an effective director or committee member.

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These downloads are part of the Getting to Grips with Not-For-Profit Governance book. Please adapt them to suit your organisation.

  • A sample board meeting agenda

  • Two examples of a work plan/board calendar

  • A process for identifying risk via brain storming

  • A risk assessment table to identify the severity of risk

A sample board meeting agenda

The agenda controls the meeting. It determines what is discussed and the order in which topics are discussed.

It makes for focused discussion, and effective decision making.

File size 20KB

Board work plan templates

A board work plan is a marvellous tool, ensuring the board/committee is forward looking.

It captures all the items that need the board’s attention over the next twelve-months, in a succinct form.

File size 29KB

A process for identifying risk

Effective risk management is critical to the success of any organisation.

Brainstorming is a robust way for the board to identify, and develop strategies to manage that risk.

File size 25KB

A risk assessment table

Risk identified? Visually capture the information in a colour coded assessment table.

Take action based on the likelihood of occurrence coupled with the impact of occurrence.

File size 125KB

Other resources

Book references

TThe book contains numerous references and citations to organisations that have input into the world of governance for not-for-profits, including incorporated societies, within NZ. These have aggregated into this web page.

Governance articles

There are various articles on the blog page relating to leadership, governance and being an effective director (directorship). These too, may be of use to you as you explore the world of governance, leadership and directorship.

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