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Extinction or a chance to renew?

A new book by Pierre Woolridge can help guide those involved in not-for-profit sector governance. There are some 45,000 NFPs in New Zealand: 24,000 incorporated societies, and 28,000 charities (7,000 of which are also incorporated societies). Woolridge draws on his personal experience to offer tips and tricks for those new to the game, or looking to refresh their skills.

Institute of Directors' article

Are you new to not-for-profit governance?

The new legislation provides a foundation for not-for-profit organisations (NFPs). But do all board or committee members of NFPs understand their obligations under the Act, and what good governance looks like? A new book by Pierre Woolridge, Getting to Grips with Not-for-Profit Governance, can help guide those involved in the sector.

Institute of Directors' Article